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What to expect for your first visit:

Children ages 6 months through 5 years are welcome to attend RCI kids classes; children are also always welcome in the sanctuary if parents prefer to have children sit with them.

Parents will check their child(ren) in at the redeemer kids kiosk with the help of a designated volunteer. Each child gets a sticker which will be worn on their shirt, and parents receive the corresponding parent sticker which they must show when picking their child up after service. Once checked in, parents are shown to their child’s classroom where the parents will drop off their child. Each of our volunteers are covenant members who have been screened and trained to provide a safe and encouraging experience for all children.

What do the kids do during service time?

At Redeemer we prioritize Gospel centered learning through: PLAY, TEACHING, ART & WORSHIP.


When children are dropped off, the class will spend 15 minutes of free play as other children arrive.
Then we work together to clean up toys to prepare for the lesson.


We coordinate and plan out lessons to cover both the Old Testament and New Testament.
We have special lessons during the Advent season to cover Jesus’s birth, and we have lessons during Easter that discuss Jesus’s triumphal entry, death, resurrection, and ascension.

In each lesson we focus on one of the 5 foundational truths: God is in charge of everything, God is good, God made everything, God wants to talk with us, and Jesus came to save sinners.


After the teaching time children are given a coloring page to color which coordinates with the foundational truth for the lesson.


After coloring time children are encouraged to sing the truths we learned.

The last 5 minutes of class time are spent cleaning up and making sure children are ready for parents’ arrival.